All new online animation school!

2014-04-04 11:44:05 by JKR

In celebration of the start of April, we've announced a brand new project from Animator Island: A new online animation school called Animentorinstiversity! What can you expect if you enroll in Animentorinstiversity? Well, like... It's amazing, I'll just say that. Enroll today!

Visit Animator Island to learn more!

Animator Island is for Animators!

2012-02-24 10:56:37 by JKR

Want to improve your animation skills? Of course you do! We all do. Well, I know I sure as heck do. Well now there's for weekly secrets of animation to get you to the next level. I helped start it with some other talented animators from around the globe. If you're an animator, you really should check it out!

Animator Island is for Animators!

5 Shades of Orange Collab

2009-10-22 14:06:06 by JKR

The latest 5 Shades Collab has begun, and it's 5 Shades of Orange this time around. Go check it out on the Newgrounds message boards! The theme word for this one is "Ring" which allows a lot of different possibilities. Good luck, everyone!

Fred the Monkey gets a new Preloader

2009-07-30 11:08:51 by JKR

I've buckled down and made a preloader in Actionscript 3 finally, and that will be the new design for before Fred cartoons going forward. I think it looks pretty snazzy. It took me forever to do the rotating head thing... Still not perfect, but it's at least fun to look at while you're waiting.

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