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I liked it! You have a knack for close ups and expressions, great job there. It could use a little editing down, but it was a fun little short regardless. :)

newgamingspies responds:

Thank you! And sorry for not responding! ;-; :'D

Beautiful job! Congrats on such a terrific animated music video. You can tell it took a lot of work.

Sucks about the stolen thing, but at least as it says in the song, it shouldn't matter about views. Besides, I don't think this one will have any problem getting lots of 5 stars and whatnot. :)

Not your best work. Closer to your worst, to be honest. I don't mean that to be antagonistic, it's just this wasn't great. Maybe it was just too preachy. Or maybe not preachy ENOUGH, if that makes sense. Your others have been so over the top that it becomes funny. This wasn't.

Anyway, looking forward to more Taco Man, and hopefully another 5 years before Linda returns again.

Samination responds:

It was typical Linda Show fare. However, out of all her episodes, I think this is my favorite. I also think it was less preachy.

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Quite upsetting

How much time I just wasted 100%-ing this game. Amazing work, not many games refuse to let me go like that. I was pretty sad at the end when I had nothing left to do. I'd say throw in a bonus for completing the game, like being able to play a second time through with a new character (that was exactly the same, but then I'd have wasted twice as many hours.)

An okay start...

Still needs work. You have the basic mechanics down, but it's lacking in sound and depth. Keep at it and you could probably come up with a cool game.

One thing, though: That preloader is total BS. It should NEVER take that long to load something that small. I almost closed it just because that was clearly just a fake preloader with an ad above it. Take that out, it's lame.

Liked it a lot!

I really enjoyed this game. It was fun, and addicting to a degree because I kept falling and shaking my fist at the screen. :)

The "luck" levels kind of ruined some of the fun for me, because there was pretty much no timing involved as they moved so fast. I understand the idea, but it seemed like that could have been better in a later stage or something. I dunno.

Anyway, nice work. If it wasn't just a ball as the object, I'd probably have gone with a 9/10 or 10/10 because it was really fun. So if you make a SJ3, you should make it a little guy or something! That could be really funny.

Keep up the good work!

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Very nice

I really liked it, good job. I wish I could play the guitar now... Anyway, it had a nice flow to it and the style was spot on for a Spanish type melody. Only thing I'd change is adding a few more of the high single notes at the end. Like "Ding... ding ding DING ding..." (Obviously it's not something I can type out, lol.)

But yeah, good job.

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